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315IR Mesquite Vest

315IR Mesquite Vest

Product Review (submitted on August 18, 2011):
I had purchased this Mesquite vest while it was on sale here but was planning to buy one in either case. I have just received the package and immediately opened it to try it on.

It feels like a real vest should.
Its' fit is not too loose or too tight. With all of the pockets in just the right places and without the troublesome and noisy, plastic, burr-strips (Velcro) that sometimes "just don't hardly work right at all."

This heavy-weight fabric is just what I was looking for. Now I can do some chores without much worry about tears, rips, minor abrasions or hay poking me through the material. I can now retire the field vest to its intended purpose which, as we know, is just "for the birds."

It looks like a real vest!
Now my old bay mare can stand tall and proud and not have to hide her head from the other horses either on the trail or at the ranch.
(BTW the little woman remarked favorably about the vest as well.)

I am most pleased with this recent addition to my working wardrobe.
This vest counts as my second Schaefer vest as I have a "707 McClure" in Charcoal Herringbone to go "stepping out" in.

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