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1800 Brushcloth® Original RanchHand Dungarees - Suntan

1800 Brushcloth® Original RanchHand Dungarees - Suntan

Product Review (submitted on June 21, 2012):
I have put these pants through the real test for over 3 years. I do construction work and often times I wear a tool belt with tools. The tool bags often get holes in them from the sharper tools cutting or poking holes and then sticking out and catching things. I can feel them sometimes try to catch my pants as I move around and if my hands are full there is nothing I can do until I set things down. Not one time have I ever got a tear or rip from the tools dragging across my legs over these pants. They are the best bang for the buck in pants that I have ever had. Most jeans will last maybe a year in what I do. Some even only half that. But these are going on 3 years and still going. They don't look as pretty as they used to but then again neither do I. LOL. I am getting ready to order more because they look good enough to go to casual social events when they are newer and I like the look and colors. Look great with my cowboy boots or sandals at the beach. AMERICAN MADE. Keep up the good work.

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