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1810 Schaefer Ranch Trousers

1810 Schaefer Ranch Trousers

Product Review (submitted on February 13, 2013):
I purchased three pair of these fine 1810 Ranch Trousers a couple of months ago and have been wearing them 3-4 days per week since. They are true to size, look fantastic and I feel great wearing them all day. The precision of the manufacturing was perfect on each pair and each pair exactly identical.

The detail of these trousers exceed many of those trendy signature labeled premium brands found in fine department stores. The material used on these trousers is of exceptionally higher quality too and has shown no wear even after several months of weekly wear and washings. The material also holds it's shape well while wearing and doesn't get sloppy at all throughout my very active day.

I highly recommend these trousers to anyone looking for a great pair of Khakis. I've owned many of those made by those other guys and these are just superior in every way plus they are made in USA. Schaefer-Ranchwear's uncompromising quality, style, fit, service, ease of purchase and low price make shopping here the best choice.

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