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1800 Brushcloth® Original RanchHand Dungarees - Suntan

1800 Brushcloth® Original RanchHand Dungarees - Suntan

Product Review (submitted on August 25, 2013):
I don't usually write reviews, but after this season's work I figure these pants deserve a review. I've worn 'em for three years now. No other work pants have ever lasted that long for me! I cleared roughly 4 acres of overgrown farmland in these this season with a chainsaw, a chipper, a stump grinder, a peavy, hatchets, mauls, and all kinds of other pant ripping, skin lacerating equipment. These pants kept the briars out, kept the the hornets at bay (wish I could say the same about the shirt), and even saved my skin when I found some old barbed wire with my leg. They are dirty and nasty and stained, but there isn't a tear in them ANYWHERE! They brushed off prickers and thorns to the point where I completely stopped worrying about wading through the briar patches. I bought two more pairs not 'cause I needed them, but just because I wanted a pair that my wife was willing to be seen next to me wearing. The third pair? I guess you could say I just wanted to support the company and the crew of American workers. Keep it up!

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